Forward With Design's Collection Helps Consumers Stay Active

 - Jun 12, 2019
References: sportchek
The innovation-driven context of today calls for an adaptable lifestyle. As tradition societal constructions are being disrupted in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, brands like Forward With Design surface with the aim to assist individuals in the management of their day. The label recently debuted an exclusive collection in Sport Chek in Canada. The range is packed with products that are geared to "breaking down barriers to an active lifestyle." In other words, the products will help individuals to seamlessly introduce fitness into their busy every day.

The products for adaptable lifestyle include makeup removing wipes, body wipes, and deodorant wipes — all of which are made with predominantly plant-based materials. Other options include scrunchies, hair accessories, compact hair straightener, and blow dryer, gym towels, multi-functional bags and more.