The Conceptual 'Spinning Together' Bike Keeps Moms Connected to Babies

 - Jun 14, 2019
References: tuvie
The conceptual 'Spinning Together' exercise bike has been designed as a way for new moms to stay active with their child alongside them to foster a connection and improve their physical condition.

The futuristic workout unit integrates a cradle into the front section of the bike to let mothers keep a direct eye on their child as they ride. This eliminates the need to keep them off to the side or in their room to alleviate uneasy feelings from mothers who might be weary about leaving children alone as they fit in a workout. The pedaling action will also be converted into a gentle swaying action for the cradle to lull children to sleep during workouts.

The conceptual 'Spinning Together' exercise bike is the team design work of Sen Lin, Mengdi Chen, Xinyu Lv, Hanxiao Zheng, Xiwen Yang, Wenxiu Guo, Bo Yuan and Meng Lv.