From Designer LEGO Handbags to LEGO-Made Meth Labs

 - Jun 19, 2013
These incredible LEGO creations appeal to both children and adults. While LEGO blocks are popular children's toys, some incredible LEGO designs mimic real life to the tee that adults cannot help but be fascinated.

Even women's fashion has incorporated the popular building blocks. The 'Tribute Gucci' clutch by Agabag is disguised entirely in LEGO pieces. Creating a luxury label's logo in LEGO, the bag has a bold and playful appeal. The LEGO bag can even be customized upon request.

Some other outrageous objects created with LEGO blocks include disability chairs, historical architecture replicas, mugs, key hangers, subway maps and many many more.

LEGO is also coming to the big screen in 2014, featuring LEGO versions of pop culture references like NBA stars. The toyish visuals will be paired with popular real life voices from Morgan Freeman and Will Ferrell.