The Abondantus Gigantus is a Church of LEGO

 - Feb 22, 2012
References: & gizmodo
The Abondantus Gigantus is a temporary place of worship for the most devout LEGO builders in the world. Perhaps one of the most impressive structures ever made that was inspired by these traditional and colorful building blocks, the Abondantus Gigantus soars 65 feet high. Nevertheless, this 'church of LEGO' was not actually made out of LEGO pieces. Instead, concrete was formed into giant building blocks, painted in the same five primary colors used by LEGO and slotted together just like the real toys.

Built in the town of Enschede, Netherlands, the Abondantus Gigantus is not actually a cathedral. Created for the Grenswerk Festival, the Abondantus Gigantus was used as a public venue to celebrate all sorts of events including town meetings, raves and LEGO building contests.