The 'LEGO Olympic 2012 Aquatic Center' Depicts this Year's Competitors

If water sports are your favorite part of the Olympics, then you'll love the LEGO Olympic 2012 Aquatic Center. This incredibly detailed LEGO sculpture was crafted by artist Gary Davis.

This awesome Olympic LEGO sculpture is conveniently located at the Stratford LEGO store next to where the Olympics are being held. This intricate design, amazingly, shows all of the contenders in the swimming division. Surrounding and in the miniature Olympic pool are synchronized swimmers, medal recipients, divers, judges and even a janitorial figure.

The LEGO characters are dressed in bathing suits and matching team colors. They have big, hopeful grins on their faces, and some of them can even be seen sending a wink to the crowd.

This creation is well worth checking out if you're in London for the big games.