From Touchscreen Chronographs to Engine-Inspired Watches

 - Nov 16, 2011
With moden technology encompassing nearly all facets of life, it is no surprise that idiosyncratic timepiece innovations allow you to do more than just tell you the time of day.

Drawing inpiration from everyday inventions, watches nowadays can do a wide array of tasks, which include keeping an accurate meaure of your blood cholesterol, reminding you of important meetings and indicating when your sobriety has been compromised. Some watches employ touchscreen technology while others utilize materials like wood or engine parts. It is becoming more common that a modern watch has more features than its ancestors.

Regardless of your preference, many idiosyncratic timepiece innovations are made with sleek designs and unique craftsmanship that can do more for you than just keep you punctual. Only time will tell if any of these watches will have the ability to make me early for work.