The Hexagons LED Watch Makes Telling Time a Trying Task

 - Aug 2, 2011
References: yankodesign
If your current watch is too easy to tell time with, then you might want to consider upgrading to the Hexagons LED watch. The Hexagons LED watch was designed by Samuel Jerichow and tells time using lighted hexagons.

The initial difficulty associated with reading this watch can be quickly remedied provided you study Jerichow’s instructions. The best part about this watch is that once you’ve mastered telling time with it you can turn the difficulty up a notch. This helps keeps things interesting and should ensure that you never grow bored telling the time, at least not for awhile.

The funny thing is I could see many people wearing this watch who have no idea how to use it. The lighted hexagons on the face give this watch a unique look not found anywhere else, and I’m sure that people could easily pass this watch off as a futuristic bracelet.