The Vibrating Plated Watch Uses an Old Communication System to Tell Time

 - Aug 6, 2011
References: tokyoflash & designbuzz
At first glance, the Vibrating Plated Watch looks like another timepiece designed using Braille for the visually impaired. Although it does not use Braille, it can definitely be employed by both the blind and the non-blind, as long as they understand Morse code. As you run your fingers around the face of the watch, it tells you the time via vibrations that translate into the Morse Code.

Designed by Nemoto San, who hails from Japan, the Vibrating Plated Watch boasts 12 separate plates that represent each hour. When the wearer presses the right plate, the gadget that represents the actual hour starts vibrating to indicate the minutes. For instance, one short vibration represents 1-5 minutes whereas two vibrations represent 6-10.