The Ventura SPARC MGS Watch is a Man-Ran Chronograph

 - Mar 15, 2011
References: & ohgizmo
Although kinetically powered timepieces may not be anything new, the Ventura SPARC MGS watch takes that technology and puts a unique twist on it. Instead of powering the spring to keep the mechanical movements going inside, this watch powers its LCD display and other digital pieces by harnessing the wearers movements.

The simplicity of its design seems to offset the rather complicated method in which the Ventura SPARC MGS watch is powered. Of course, its sleekness is what makes this timepiece even more covetable aside from its obvious eco-friendly quality.

Essentially, the wearer's movements turn connecting gears within the Ventura SPARC MGS watch to repeatedly tension a spring (which is made visible). Once the spring is fully tensed, it powers a mini-generator that keeps everything running smoothly.