The Present Clock Takes a Year for a Single Clockwise Rotation

 - Oct 31, 2011
References: kickstarter & psfk
The Present clock shows us time in terms of seasons rather than hours, minutes and even seconds. It harks back to a distant past in which time was much less precise. Back then, people used nature to inform them about the passing of time, and that is just what The Present clock does (but in a more hi-tech manner).

Designed by Scott Thrift, The Present clock features a face without any visible hands. Instead, it sports a colorful, gradient pattern to mark the Equinoxes and Solstices throughout the years. The Present clock is equipped with a custom microprocessor that accurately turns hours into months. The annual hand takes an entire year to complete a single clockwise rotation. Basically, this microprocessor moves it slightly every 6.08 days or 142 hours.