The F.O. Clock Channels Furoshiki, the Japanese Art of Folding Cloth

 - Sep 18, 2011
References: & yankodesign
The F.O. Clock is an artistic time-tracker that takes the folded Japanese cloth art of Furoshiki and uses it to create a functional design. The F.O. Clock was designed by Shiping Toohey and is made entirely out of tessellated pieces of carefully folded cloth.

The only part of this clock that is not made of cloth is the digital display and its power cord. When completely folded, the F.O. Clock has a soft and geometric look. When unfolded, the clock reveals its many pieces and looks more like an abstract work of art than a gutted alarm clock.

A clock that looks like a piece of art is nothing new, but it isn't often that you see a clock that still looks artistic when its innards are revealed. Seeing is believing, so check out Shiping Toohey's F.O. Clock here.