- Jun 26, 2013
Anyone with a sweet tooth will absolutely go bananas for these delectable hybrid desserts, which combines several classic recipes into one super scrumptious confectionary dish.

If you aren't worried about overdoing it on calories for your next meal, then these over-the-top hybrid desserts will certainly have you stuffed and satisfied with its combination of numerous sweet treats and sugary ingredients. Hybrid meals often feature the combination of two or more classic desserts, bringing together popular recipes into one gigantic dish. From chocolate cakes stuffed with marshmallows and crunchy cookies to recipes that cleverly combine donuts and croissants into one scrumptious snack, these hybrid desserts will certainly have you drooling at the mouth.

While certainly not something you should eat every day, these delectable hybrid desserts will definitely please any foodie with a craving for something uniquely sweet.

From Campfire Hybrid Confections to Homemade Hybrid Cronuts: