- Sep 26, 2012
Draw inspiration from these Halloween wig ideas to take your costume to the next level of standout style.

Hair is a highly important part of a Halloween costume as it adds an another dimension of creativity. There have been a variety of outlandish creations that have revolutionized the wig. From celebrities to designers, inspiration for stepping up your hair game can come from this compiled list of avant-garde wigs.

Perhaps the most prominent wig theme is a throwback to the ever-chic Dauphine of France, Marie Antoinette. Known for her ornate sky-high wigs, Marie Antoinette continues to be imitated in the modern day, such as in the runways collection of John Galliano. However, these Halloween wig ideas boast a wide spectrum of stunning motifs that are futuristic and vintage-inspired.

These Halloween Wig Ideas Make for Spooky Fun: