The Girls by John Waters

 - Oct 1, 2008
References: adoraporcelain
The Girls by John Waters is a limited collection of three, 10 1/4 inch porcelain plates featuring mannequin busts of girls Waters named Tina, Kathy, and Kim.  All of "The Girls" are wearing thick make-up and wigs. 

"The Girls is available as a set of three plates, each plate is signed and numbered by the artist," the website says. "This edition is limited to 300 sets. The price for each set is $700. Adora Porcelain plates are available at the New Museum of Contemporary Art and Printed Matter in New York, Art Metropole in Toronto, Canada, and at the Galerie de Multiples in Paris, France."

Is it just me, or does the first plate look hauntingly like Farrah Fawcett with a Bride of Frankenstein hair-style? The second resembles Fawcett too, in my opinion, and the third looks like Barbie on drugs.