From Athletic Dishware to Retro Mannequin Dishes

 - Sep 17, 2012
Instead of getting the fine China out the next time you are entertaining guests, think about incorporating some comical plates into your dinner party. Not only will they lighten the mood, but they will also make a very memorable get-together.

Setting a dinner table is an art. The right dishes, lighting, table decor and artistically folded napkins create the atmosphere for the room and set the overall tone for the meal that is to come. However, eating dinner doesn't have to be all business. Adding a little life to a meal can be as simple as including comical plates to the mix. Having your food nested on top of pictures of soccer players that look as if they are kicking your peas around, or a reminiscent image of your grandmother reminding you about dinner etiquette is a treat that will bring a smile or a smirk to your lips.