The Din Din Stainless Platter is Made for Children and Picky Eaters

 - Sep 13, 2012
References: mysweetmuffin &
The Din Din Stainless Platter provides an interesting way to teach children (and possibly even the odd adult) about the five food groups. As though five tin cans were semi-flattened and melded together, the playful dishware is made out of stainless steel. Perfect for cafeterias, it could nevertheless be used as a fun alternative to traditional plates.

The subtly educational Din Din Stainless Platter features minimalist icons besides each of the five compartments, designating them to a specific food group. It is especially good for picky eaters who don't like their food to touch each other.

Dishwasher safe, non-toxic and stain resistent, the Din Din Stainless Platter can not be placed in microwaves and ovens. Made in South Korea, it is not only kid-friendly, but also eco-friendly and, most importantly, fun.