The Gene Ginno Alducente 'Flora' Series is Decadent

 - Jun 14, 2012
References: & ginnoalducente
It's not difficult to understand why Vogue magazine featured this Gene Ginno Alducente 'Flora' series in a recent issue. Its unabashedly delicate and dainty fashion screams luxury and style.

From powdered wigs to soft, pastel pinks the looks are deeply reminiscent of aristocratic women's fashion during the time of Louis XVI. This was when the French aristocracy was at the height of extravagance and decadence, free of the petty economic concerns of the peasants and intoxicated with all-enveloping luxury. Of course, a few years later the French Revolution happened, but that's for history books, not fashion editorials.

On his Behance page, Gene Ginno Alducente expresses that he has always dreamed of working for Vogue. Judging by his work featured here, the stylist will continue to do so.