From Huge Land-Sprawling Structures to Towering Theme Parks

 - Jul 19, 2013
When it comes to designing a brand new building, deciding to go big can often create a bold and visually striking overall appearance, and these expansive architectural designs are showcasing how large-scale structures can elicit that whimsical overall feeling.

Some architects may create buildings that are compact in size to accommodate the increasingly overpopulated areas of city centres, these expansive designs however, aren't afraid to showcase its overwhelmingly large and intrusive forms, creating an eye-catching and unique overall appearance. From futuristically winding concrete walkways to huge land-sprawling structures, these expansive architectural designs are utilizing form and impressively large frameworks to create stunningly picturesque structures.

If you appreciate the beauty that exists in larger-than-life structures, then these expansive architectural designs are just for you.