A-cero Architect's House in Madrid Looks Like a Monument

 - Apr 9, 2011
References: a-cero & trendsnow.net
The House in Madrid looks like a huge sculpture or monument rather than an actual home, but that is the unique beauty behind this structure. Clearly designed and created for a person of both note and discerning taste, this statement-making residence will surely take breaths away every time someone looks at it.

Designed by Madrid-based firm A-cero Architects, the House in Madrid boasts sloping, contemporary lines that lend to its artistic nature. The three-story home is entirely built out of concrete.

As a family home, the House in Madrid may seem like a mausoleum, but its soft facade does give it a comforting feel. This same softness plays off of its natural surroundings as well, making it a welcoming abode.