From Lavish Cultural Lounges to Marvellous Moonlit Mansions

 - Jul 19, 2013
Architects often cater to the desires and wishes of the client they are constructing for, and these glamorous architectural designs are certainly geared towards those who enjoy posh and extravagant living.

Unless you're the owner or happen to work at that particular building, most people are only able to view the exterior of the structure, and at most times from very far away. That's why constructing an architectural structure that is visually bold and luxurious in design is a great way to portray that elegant and modern appearance. From illuminated criss-crossing towers to gold-plated pop-up bars, these glamorous architectural designs will certainly have anyone passing by craving to get a glimpse inside these luxurious structures.

A creative way to give off that Hollywood-like appeal, these glamorous structures will certainly satisfy anyone with a taste for sophisticated and modern designs.