The Velo Towers by Asymptote are Comprised of Rotating Components

 - Jun 22, 2012
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The Velo Towers by Asymptote architecture will be located in Seoul, South Korea. This project was a proposal to be implemented in the Yongsan International Business District, and the building is comprised on various stacked buildings. This superstructure is comprised of two towers that are connected by various platforms that act as a bridge. The building has a distinct windowed facade that provides each unit with a great view of the city. These stacked structures will act as an architectural landmark in the huge business district.

Asymptote architects have redesigned a traditional tower design into a new urban configuration. The tower is made up of eight separate elements, and has amazing facilities including recreation centers, lounges, pools, spas, cafes and sky gardens. There are 500 luxury units in this building, and this would be perfect residence for a wealthy individuals working in the business district.