Artist Christo Creates the Largest Indoor Sculpture in History

The artist Christo has created the world’s largest free-standing inflatable sculpture entitled ‘Big Air Package.’ The colossal sculpture was erected in the Gasmoeter Oberhausen in Germany. To put things into scale, the venue is the largest circular-shaped gas holder in the whole of Europe. The artist’s huge, white, billowing creation stands at 90 meters tall, with a width of 50 meters.

Visitors to the site of the awe-inspiring artwork were wowed by its vastness and were invited to walk inside the sculpture. Some lay on the ground and looked upwards at the never-ending white dome that surrounded them. This is a ground-breaking feat for an artist to conceive and achieve. Christo states on the project site that "when experienced from the inside, that space is almost like a 90-meter-high cathedral."