Athletic Ripples Sportsplex Embodies an Infinite Form

 - Jul 19, 2011
References: studio-symbiosis & suckerpunchdaily
Mega stadiums are so large that it sometimes seems they never end, and the Athletic Ripples Sportsplex never really does. The expansive sporting center takes on an ouroboros shape, offering spectators and fans a continuous path of circulation without a dead end.

Designed by Studio Symbiosis for New Delhi, India, this vast venue incorporates a football field a cricket pitch and a running track, as well as a number of other surrounding greens to hold matches for smaller crowds. This prodigious architectural project aims to achieve a number of ambitious standards, and one remains to optimize the premises for pedestrian traffic rather than automotive. The Athletic Ripples Sportsplex will even rely on solar power to feed the busy structure, and an innovative piezoelectricity system which harnesses the kinetic energy from foot traffic along the building's pavers.