From Foldable Dinner Jackets to Convertible Stilettos Purpose is Chic

 - Aug 7, 2012
These style-savvy examples of utility wear dispose of the notion that fashion cannot be sensible.

Looking chic is re-imagined with these pieces of wearable utility. This compilation of multipurpose pieces is a testament to the forward-thinking ways of leading fashion design professionals. Designs are infused with accommodating features that are often convertible, transforming, durable, and most importantly, incorporate a classic minimalist aesthetic that makes these investment pieces.

Perhaps the best example is Burberry's Packaway Blazer featured in 'Foldable Dinner Jackets.' This sport coat fuses the convenient appeal of compact, fuss-free features with a menswear staple. The multipurpose combination makes the garment a chic item of utilitarian wear.

From 'Heat Providing Polos' to 'Convertible LBDs,' the range of options available to those interested in prudent stylish wear is extensive.