Sukjin Moon Reworks Leather Offcuts Into Durable Fashionable Frames

 - Jun 24, 2012
References: youtube & yankodesign
Brooks England makes fabulous leather saddles and bike seats, but as a result they produce a lot of leather offcuts, a material that Sukjin Moon uses to create distinct glasses frames.

The talented designer takes the valuable byproducts from Brooks England and reworks them in order to create durable yet flexible frames. The glasses have an industrial look about them, reminiscent of the safety goggles that should be worn whenever someone is operating a power tool.

The combination between safety eyewear and hipster fashion makes these glasses an excellent accessory for bike riding, motorcycling or for those who are generally hard on their frames. The frames can be fitted with either safety glass or prescription lenses. Whether you're doing some home renovations or bringing back the workshop look, these frames by Sukjin Moon aren't likely to fall apart anytime soon.