Ex Officio for Adventurers

 - Aug 23, 2008
References: exofficio & fourhourworkweek
Most people don't expect their underwear to reflect modern fashion trends. The cut and styles may differ, perhaps, but outside of those factors, our unmentionables haven't seen many changes worth mentioning.

Ex Officio stands to change all of that, though, particularly for those who seek adventure. Those who have abstained from taking a quick dip in a secluded pond due to fears of soggy skivvies will be glad to see these high-tech, quick-drying drawers.

They're also incredibly light. While it's not likely that too many travelers are held back by suitcases full of hefty underwear, a few ounces spared couldn't hurt.

Tim Ferriss, the best-selling author and world traveler, swears by them, offering readers a view of his own in the video post "How to Travel the World With 10 Pounds or Less".