Inch-for-Inch Donates Insulated Materials to People Living in Cold Regions

 - Jul 24, 2012
References: inchforinch & roozt
Inch-for-Inch was founded on the ideal that high-quality fashion should be about more than simply providing self-embellishment.

The company specializes in polo shirts that are made from 100 per cent Peruvian cotton and the purchase of each of their athletic-fitting shirts helps to provide warm fabrics for those in need who are living in cold climates. For each polo shirt that is ordered from them, the company donates an equal amount of material that can be made into blankets and warm clothing for families and individuals who live in cold regions.

The name Inch-for-Inch describes both the company business model, in that they donate one square inch of fabric for every square inch purchased, as well as expressing the ability that even an inch can change a life.

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