The HHI and Dunderdon Welder's Jacket is a Functional Rendition of a Classic

 - May 29, 2012
References: shop.hammarhead & coolhunting
It's not often that garments meant for the factory make it into mainstream fashion but the HHI and Dunderdon Welder's Jacket has taken a durable design from the 70s and modernized it -- without losing the toughness that is essential to the character of the coat.

The rugged look is a departure from both brand's typical design aesthetic, as the first dive into the use of suede for Dunderdon and the most functional article of clothing to come from HHI's creative team yet.

While the fit has been altered from that of traditional welding jackets, the coat does not forgo the functions that would be needed if it were to actually be used in a welding station. All of the pockets are insulted to protect sparks from burning the wearer and the cuffs and neck clasps have been designed to protect the body and allow for thick gloves to be worn under the coat with ease.