The Body Tape

 - Jul 3, 2008   Updated: Apr 7 2011
This has got to be the mother of all multi-purpose tapes!

The Body Tape is 100% vinyl packing tape that can be worn as an accessory. The quaint tape is printed black on white and there are four different types of patterns or decorations: wristwatch, bracelet, row chain, and waist belt. The tape retails at £11 per roll or about $17.00.

Implications - Since not everyone can afford expensive jewelry, brands are looking for playful ways to make new versions of accessories that are more openly available. Some use cheaper materials while others come up with other creative mediums, such as this multi-purpose tape. While it may not be as fancy or as elegant as the real deal, the humor and the quirky concepts behind these basic accessories help companies cater to the average joe.