This Dress by Elena Damm Can Easily Become Nine Different Shifts

 - Jan 24, 2012
This dress by Elena Damm is the dream garment for time-pressed fashionistas wishing to discover shape-shifting garments for quotidian costume changes. The piece of clothing is a rather simple one, but it will not cease to surprise with its extensive repertoire of chic arrangements.

The material is a light, breezy and highly texturized beige, stitched together into a long tubular shape. It's outfitted with a black band around one end and a draw-string hem on the other to become all types of skirts and robes. A pair of black threads can be pulled from the scrunching seam, creating the effect of bunching fabric and providing a way to wear the article as a halter top.

By folding, bustling, rolling, flipping and twisting this dress by Elena Damm, it can offer at least nine different looks to bring you from daytime attire into stylish evening wear.