Symmetry's Dixon Scarf Transforms From a Stylish Scarf to a Handy Handbag

Don't be deceived by this clever design; this warming neck wrap is so much more!

Design company Symmetry's Dixon scarf is the ultimate trendy transformative accessory. The fashionable piece actually has not one, but two, functions. It acts as a stylish and warming scarf, as well as a load-bearing bag.

Symmetry's Dixon scarf was designed with functionality in mind. The square scarf has four metal grommets securely studded into the fabric, as well as a secure strap. When folded into a bag, the strap snaps into these grommets, transforming it into a tote. When unfolded into a scarf, the strap hangs below the neck and looks like a unique fashion statement.

Symmetry's Dixon scarf is a functional fashion piece that keeps you cozy and carries cash. Now if only it could do both at once!