From Nerdy Marriage Bands to Comic Book Bowties

 - Jul 15, 2012
The nerdy look is an aesthetic that seems to have taken off over the past few years, and these examples of geek chic show just how pervasive this style has become.

Thick glasses, bow ties and gamer-inspired gear are just some ways in which this look is taking over. Often adding a touch of understated modesty to any outfit, these are frequently inoffensive items that work well in corporate environments. Appropriating the schoolgirl look in a totally different direction, these statements, particularly in regard to women, aren't trying too hard in any way.

Many of these trends integrate either superheroes or gaming icons into their designs, bringing lots of personality to whatever piece they're a part of. Bound to inspire the inner genius in anyone, geek chic is a style that will stick around for years to come.