The Super Mario Mushroom Lamp is an 8-Bit Illuminator

 - Jun 16, 2012
References: etsy & walyou
There's got to be at least a few gamers out there pushing 40 who would relish the chance to have this Super Mario mushroom lamp on their nightstand. This push lamp was created by Etsy merchant Emma Burges of Emma Dream Star. The lamp is meant to look like the iconic mushrooms from Super Mario Bros.

The lamps come in two styles, 1-up mushroom and power-up mushroom. Both are operated by pressing down on the top of the mushroom's head, much like the way Mario would squash Goombas by jumping on their heads. The lamps are not entirely original creations; Burges merely decorated existing touch lamps to look like Mario mushrooms. Still, these are just about the only Mario lamps available for a cheap price that look every bit as good as the 8-bit mushrooms themselves. The Super Mario mushroom lamp sells for $20.