Kyla May Designs a Fabric Line Called 'Geeks Gone Wild'

 - Jul 23, 2011
References: fabricworm & geekmom
Kyla May’s novelty fabric line ‘Geeks Gone Wild’ for Timeless Treasures is absolutely adorable. The line of fabrics include Space Invaders fabric and even one that features multiple Pac-Man faces. The best thing about this fabric is that you can use it to create anything under the blue moon.

Get creative and start practicing your DIY skills, because you’ll be needing them in order to start crafting things from this lovely fabric. You can make adorable accessories or even clothing accessories with the novelty fabric. Have you ever wanted a Space Invaders pencil case as kid but your mom wouldn’t let you buy one -- well, here is your chance now. Now you’ll have a completely unique and completely geeky accessory, once you use Kyla May’s Geeks Gone Wild fabric.