This Batman Jewelry is in Homage to the New Batman Film

 - May 14, 2014
Ladies, wearing Batman jewelry is the perfect way to show off your inner-geek in a formal way. Depending on your age, it may no longer be deemed appropriate to dress in a Batman suit on dates other than Halloween -- even if you really want to. If you have a crush on Batman, especially the most recent Batman portrayed by Ben Affleck, then show off your love appropriately with some of these cute bat pieces.

This list contains Batman-inspired pieces that range from superhero belly rings to geeky Dark Knight necklaces. Etsy merchant Niquegeek even understood the need for Batman accessories, while still catering to adults, when she created a Batman ring that also acts as a bottle opener.

And gentlemen, if your lady is a super-fan, you can get her to say "Yes" to your marriage proposal with extra ease if you purchase a Batman-inspired engagement ring.