Untitled Denim Bowties by Federico Batelli are Casually Daring

 - Jun 11, 2012
References: federicobatelli.it & ganzomag
A pair of good jeans are a staple in any individuals’ closet, be them fashion-forward individuals or casual-wear lovers; Untitled Denim Bowties by Federico Batelli are a denim-lover’s dream. These spruced-up bow ties will have your inner geek giddy with excitement.

Batelli’s Untitled Collection intertwines and remixes two drastically different fashion innovations together. Untitled combines the formality of the bow tie commonly donned at weddings and cocktail soirees with the casual characteristics of denim jeans. Batelli’s spring/summer 2012 collection has a one-of-a-kind feel and appeal with several different washes, which distress the bow ties, giving each one a unique look.

All of the neck ties that make up this casual and original collection are handmade in Italy. This collection assigns denim the chicness it deserves and re-works the bow tie to be fit for all occasions. With these dapper remixed bow ties, you will look like a dashingly denim-clad gentleman and world-class scholar.