From Sparkling Contact Lenses to Cosmetic Artist Vanities

 - Oct 19, 2011
There's nothing more glamorous than a big, sparkling diamond (they are a girl's best friend, after all), and this list of diamond-encrusted innovations makes that crystal clear.

Everything from cars to cell phones can be covered in diamonds these days, for those who are willing to spend quite a fortune on their most prized possessions. But did you know that even contact lenses and fingernails can now be covered in bling? Diamond-encrusted accessories and home decor have also gained a cult following. For instance, who wouldn't want the walls of their bedroom covered in diamonds?

In honor of the upcoming Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in November, which annually debuts a different diamond-encrusted bra (this year's will be modeled by Miranda Kerr and is valued at $2.5 million), take a look through this list of blinged out, diamond-encrusted innovations.