The Alexander the Great Minute Repeater Immortalizes a Historic Man

 - Mar 29, 2011
References: & bornrich
Alexander the Great was one of the most iconic rulers ever to walk the earth, so it is only fitting that ultra luxury watchmaker Ulysse Nardin should seek to honor his name with a watch as lavishly ornate as the Alexander the Great Minute Repeater.

The timepiece's full name might be a handful (Alexander the Great Minute Repeater Westminster Carillon Tourbillon Jaquemarts), but given the amount of time, effort, attention to detail and resources that have been poured into it, that is hardly a surprise. With its heroically intricate engravings of Alexander pitched in epic battle, the Alexander the Great Minute Repeater also features an 18-karat white gold or rose gold 4N housing as well as a movement heavily decked out with 36 jewels. As for the watch's dial itself, it proudly displays a polycrystalline diamond composition that is sure to catch the eye of any passerby.

Unfortunately, those wanting to get their hands on this seriously badass item will have to move mountains to do so. Only 100 Alexander the Great Minute Repeaters are set to be made.