Daphne Guinness' 'Contra Mundum' Chain Mail Collaboration With Shaun Leane

Fashion icon and Guinness heir Daphne Guinness has collaborated with jewelry designer Shaun Leane to create a spectacular piece of body armor. Guinness apparently has had a long-running fascination with armor, and the collaboration has been in the works since she randomly stated to Leane, "I just want to make a suit of armor," a few years back at a party.

Consisting of handmade chain mail and nearly 5,000 pave diamonds, the diamond-laden "glove" was molded and custom fit to Guinness' arm. The result? A stunning pieced of art entitled Contra Mundum, or Against the World. The collection will be on display at the White Cybe Gallery in London via Jay Jopling, and 'Daphne Guinness on View' will be on display at FIT in NYC starting in mid-September.