Main Street Produce Shows That Pinot Noir isn't Just for Dinner Anymore

 - Apr 27, 2011
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In a part of the country where Bud Light, boxed wine and Mountain Dew reign supreme lies an oasis for those with a taste for the finer things. Main Street Produce is a combination produce store, bakery and gourmet food store highlighted by its own homemade preserves. However, there is something else unique about these homemade goodies. Included in the usual fruit jellies is a diverse selection of gourmet wine jellies.

Main Street Produce's selection of gourmet wine jellies looks like it is taken from a page off the wine list of a fine dining restaurant. Furthermore, the craft beer trend hasn't been overlooked. Belgian beer jellies, domestic micro-brew jellies and fruit-infused beer jellies are also available. The lesson here is to never judge a book by its cover. This un-pretentious yet colorful storefront is filled with mouth-watering gems that would fit nicely in any town's "Main" street.

Main Street Produce is located in Littleton, NC, near the Virginia border. It has just launched a website called The Fermented Gourmet Shop. It is basically a two-person operation, and customers always feel welcome.

Gourmet wine jellies are a diamond in the rough to find as it is, so it's amazing to find such a diverse selection in such a remote area.