- Jan 18, 2013
This year's chic fashion trends covered a wide range of designs, from spandex jewelry to mermaid-inspired looks. However, the main stand-out feature that caught the eyes of consumers in 2012 was the DIY aesthetic.

Instead of spending their cash on expensive luxury items, many individuals decided to try and recreate these looks for less. Bloggers everywhere offered tips on how to create the latest clutch for a night out, and even demonstrated how-to steps for jazzing up footwear in no time at all.

There are also signs of a backlash against the stereotypical paper-thin model types. Plus size fashion shows and full-figured editorials in 2012 may just be the spark needed to entice major couture labels to have curvier females featured in campaigns, ads and runways.

In terms of aesthetic, 2012 was as diverse as ever. Sporty, country, punk and hipster looks all had their moment in the spotlight, proving that the Internet has accelerated diverse fashion tastes.

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From DIY Spandex Jewelry to Colorblocked Assassin Attire: