The Los Angeles-Based Minimale Animale Bikinis are Seductive

Los Angeles-based swimwear company Minimale Animale has recently launched their latest line of beach clothing. The whole raison d'être of these bikinis can be summed up in the phrase, "less is more."

Minimale Animale pushes this to the extreme. Much of their swimwear is made from fishnet fabrics. Every piece in the line seeks to emphasize the area of the body where it is worn. The purpose being of course, to bring out the sultriness of its wearer.

The swimwear company commissioned designer Cassandra Kellogg and photographer Henrik Purienne to shoot the photographs featured here. A passing glance at the series makes it very obvious that Minimale Animale is unapologetically aiming for sultry. The bikinis may be a little too risqué for some, but for the exhibitionist it doesn't get much better than this.