The Numero April 2012 Edition is Ethereal and Feminine

The Numero April 2012 edition is a romantic collection of spring fashion. The 'Dévoilée' editorial is an ethereal display of artistic vision and delicate style. Dévoilée is French for unveiling, much like the resurgence of the youthful spirit in spring. The editorial is soft and out of focus, putting emphasis on the female form and elegant textures of the apparel. The model's intense glare is enveloped by sheets of chiffon, and made flirty with ruffles, frills and lace.

Numero magazine is a publication with internationally based contributors. The publication launched in 1999, and has since developed a high cult following. The mag covers hot culture topics, including art, fashion, design, architecture and music. The avant-garde approach to media has kept the magazine hot for over twenty years.