This It-Girl Shines in Every Cara Delevingne Photo Shoot

 - Oct 30, 2013
Every Cara Delevingne photo shoot, fashion video feature or paparazzi spotting proves why she rightfully perches on the It-Girl throne. The newest member of the supermodel club (Tyra Banks and Cindy Crawford welcome her with open arms, I'm sure), Delevingne is the poster girl for what it means to be truly chic in 2013 as she somehow successfully balances fashion industry glamour with genuine, accessible cool.

You can recognize Cara Delevingne by her trademark bushy brows, piercing eyes and perfect jealousy-inducing cheekbones. If caught by surprise by paparazzi, she'll probably be lounging around in a knit beanie, rocking boyfriend jeans and lazing about with celebrity bestie Rihanna. To top it all off, she is genuinely good at her job. Her modeling career has involved everything from Vogue covers, to a video shoot where Tyra Banks, godmother of model branding, does her best Cara Delevingne impersonation. All hail Cara.