- Jun 11, 2012
Whether one is looking for military-grade clothing or flowery fashion, this collection of haute camouflaged couture has something for almost everyone.

Army fatigues have inspired fashion designs intermittently throughout the last few decades. Although the most popular patterns are technically designed to hide their wearer in forest or desert settings, many people enjoy wearing such styles on the street. From shoes to jackets to cargo pants, these looks pop out even when they’re blending in. Similarly, floral aesthetics have been a mainstay of fashion design for a long time.

Flower-powered looks may be less edgy than their militaristic counterparts, but this does not make them any less interesting. Set against a floral backdrop, these styles hide their wearer as well as any army-inspired attire.

In terms of blending into the background, the haute camouflaged couture featured here truly stands out.

From Extreme Foliage Couture to Edgy Army Accoutrement: