Twenty-Seven Names Launches its Fashion Line with a Bang

The self-proclaimed directional label Twenty-Seven Names launched their new 2012 Winter Collection with a bang last night in Auckland during the 2012 New Zealand Fashion Week.

The party consisted of delicious baked goods, drinks and a presentation of the label’s favourite pieces modeled by Nghuia Williams. The collection of photographs, captured by Guy Coombes, displayed Williams uniquely camouflaged within every picture. Each article of clothing the model wore blended in perfectly with the background to showcase the line’s exquisite taste in bold prints and solid colours for the upcoming season.

One can assume the idea for the photographs was inspired by the latest viral sensation of urban camouflaging (painting yourself in ridiculous surroundings to be unseen at first glance). Twenty-Seven Names continues to stay on top of the game by challenging the fashion world with their exceptional array of ideas. The label is off to an amazing start of 2012 with their Winter Collection.