The Terrance Bray W11 Collection Captures Camouflaged Human Parts

 - May 23, 2011
Titled 'The Epidermal Little Mirrors to the Soul,' The Terrance Bray Winter 2011 collection explores camouflaged human parts and psychological duality.

From handprints on a shirt's side pockets depicting a diamond ring on the wedding finger to a back printed with white angel wings, Bray brings this illusory, clever and mesmerizing collection to life. According to Bray, "We express our identities through the ways we choose to shroud our naked bodies in cloth, yet we are eternally intrigued by what lies beneath and search for the person behind the clothes…" This is what inspired his amazing themes for the Terrance Bray Winter 2011 collection.

The façade of the fashion style is captivating and challenges the lines between our personal and professional lives which Bray says are often blurred.