Desiree Palmen's Camouflage Art

Rotterdam-based Dutch artist Desiree Palmen has been featured in Trendhunter before.

Now, we want to re-introduce you to her work which revolves around the concept of camouflage. She merges her models with their surroundings to the point they appear to become one with them. Palmen has been exploring this visual deception theme over a number of years in a series of works which include: Old City Suits/Surveillance Camera Project, Camouflage, and Streetwise /Surveillance Camera Project.

Designboom says, "To create the site specific suits Palmen photographs a precise location. She then paints the image of the place onto a suit by hand. A person then wears the finished suit and poses in the original location - trying to blend into the space as much as possible."

I think this work is really amazing. The great attention to detail and the painstaking effort that must go into each of these pieces is really admirable.