- Jan 25, 2010   Updated: Jul 13 2011
This cluster of camouflage creations proves that it's hip to be hidden. From hideaway homes that blend in with their forest surroundings to tiny safes embedded within a penny, secret compartments and optical illusions are two themes you'll see a lot of in this slideshow.

We've also included camo print gowns for military wives, Army-inspired camouflage clothing and plenty of other camouflage creations.

Implications - This fantastic collection of images will have you dreaming of G.I. Joe cartoons; you'll be blown away at all the instances of camouflage that you never would have suspected before. This collection certainly goes well beyond camouflage cargo shorts and military-inspired tank tops in crazy directions.

Check these and more out above.

From Camo Print Wedding Dresses to Hidden Garages: