Plant in Clay Pot Really A Litter Box

 - Nov 11, 2007
References: amazon
This faux, hollow planter is the perfect disguise for kitty's toilet! If you hate the way ordinary litter boxes look, the HLHF2 Hidden Cat Litter Box could be a great solution. Point the entrance at a wall, and guests will simply think it's a real clay pot!

No matter how beautiful or cuddly little Tigger is, there is nothing appealing, or even mildly cute, about a stinky crate of dusty sand with big clumps in it, regardless of how often you scoop it out. You could be a compulsive sifter, but even the chicest living space loses appeal when a a littler box is visibly present.

The odor shouldn't give it away either; the Tuscan hand-finished box comes with a filtered ventilation system that will even keep dust under control.

Have you convinced? You can pick one up at!